Tullynessle & Forbes Hall is a registered Charity which is run by a volunteer Board onto which any member of the public can be voted.  It is not the role of the Board nor hall staff to received unpleasant aggresive dialogue neither verbally nor in email and any enquiry or booking submitted or perpetuated in this manner will be refused.  The Board will, going forward, operate a zero-tolerance policy in this regard.  

The Board of Tullynessle & Forbes Hall is entirely made up of volunteers who give up considerable amounts of their own time in order to manage the Hall.  We take our role as Board seriously and all actions are taken with the best interests in mind of not only the Hall itself but also the community which we serve.  We always welcome new Board members onto the Board in order to ensure that a wide viewpoint is available around the table and thus fair decisions are made.  This includes making decisions which may or may not be viewed favourably by some.

If you feel you have been unfairly treated on a Hall or Board matter please bring this to the attention of the Chair or Vice Chair in writing. 

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