Welcome from the Tullynessle & Forbes Hall
 Community Association

Further to our AGM in April we have a few moves and changes in our office bearers.   Rod Campbell is now our Chair, Bob Leonard is now our Vice-Chair, Alicia Murray is now our Treasurer and Edna Harris remains as Secretary.  See the section under The Committee for a full list of committee members.  Many thanks to all ofice bearers, committee members, staff, volunteers and hall users for their support throughout the year.
You may have received our Spring 2016 Newsletter through your door recently.  If you have not or would like another, see the section headed Newsletters where our Spring 2016 edition is available in PDF!
The purpose of this site is to provide the local community with a source of information concerning events in the community in general and in the hall in particular. It is also to show people what facilities the hall offers and how to make contact for more information or make a booking. 


Tullynessle and Forbes Hall Association would like to thank all those who have helped to make our refurbishment possible and acknowledges in particular grant sponsorship from our major sponsor - Big Lottery.s

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